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About Me

About Bethany

Bethany Bice Wilcox

 Bethany has been a psychotherapist in Phoenix since 1988. Her specialties include Christian counseling, marriage counseling, depression/anxiety, communication/problem solving, anger management, sexual abuse recovery, adult children of alcoholics, women's issues, codependency and grief counseling.

Among other therapeutic modalities, Bethany is trained in and uses EMDR and Lifespan Integration (LI).

Bethany is a well-regarded and enthusiastic inspirational speaker. She is available for seminars at businesses, churches, and community organizations. 

Seeing a therapist


 Going to see a therapist can feel awkward and seem intimidating. But really, it's about coming in and getting a plan with strategies for overcoming the things that make life hard.Whether it's at home or at work-whether it's with your children, your parents, your spouse, your extended family, your friends, or even your neighbors; Bethany can assist you in gaining the skills you need to make life work. 

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If you would like information about counseling services, or to inquire about scheduling Bethany to speak at your event, please complete the following form, and she will contact you within 24 hours. 

Bethany Bice Wilcox

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